Best Rated Website Seal Maker

Website Award Seal Maker

Use this easy to use tool to create beautiful custom website seal for your website. After you make the selection, copy the code and paste it any where on your website. NOTE: Only businesses listed now or in the past, have our permission to create and use it for the website. You can create seal with dark as well as clear background to match website design. Choose from 4 different sizes. You can also create seal for past year awards too. If you have questions, or anything else comes up, feel free to shoot an email over to [email protected].

Code Installation Guide:
HostGator: How to add custom HTML to your Weebly Website?
GoDaddy: How to use html blocks?
SquareSpace: Adding custom HTML
Wix: Working with the html element IMPORTANT: You have to use <iframe> to install the code on a wix created website. You need to add target="_parent" next to the url, otherwise link will not work.
WordPress: How to add HTML code? Tip: Paste the HTML code in Text tab, NOT in the visual tab/section of the page. It won't work in visual.

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Usage Guidelines: In order to avoid abuse of Three Best Rated® seals, follow required guidelines whenever you are using our badge. Use the code as provided. Never alter the badges. Three Best Rated and Three Best Rated logo are registered trademarks.

Directives d'utilisation: Afin d'éviter l'abus des trois joints Best Rated®,suivez les directives requises chaque fois que vous utilisez notre badge. Utilisez le code tel que fourni. Ne modifiez jamais les badges. Les logos Three Best Rated et Three Best Rated sont des marques déposées.